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The Vietnamese franchised edition of French Magazine, L’Officiel, known for its authoritative voice in fashion, beauty, watches, jewelry, art, design, and lifestyle. Catering to the stylish sophisticate, the cultured and the well-heeled, the monthly publication features sharp reportage on the latest trends. L’OfficielVietnam is committed to featuring more products and more ideas about style than any of our monthly competitors. The magazine is a bible for fashion-sense, so every theme is connected to an idea about style. Commercial thematic content is constructed in the most creative way by our experienced editors.



35% Airline lounges, top hotels, spas, restaurants, and private clubs30% VIP clients

25% Leading bookstores and selected newsstands

10% Events and promotions


15.000, 11 issues a year


• Selective distribution

• Special supportive programs

• Priority visual merchandising

• Outdoor launch campaign

January & Feb: Spring trends, Hardcore romance

March: Big Fashion Issue, Big Video Fashion Issue

April: Big Accessory Issue, Big beauty report

May: The Blockbuster, Menswear specialL’O High Jewelry & Haute Horology Supplement

June: The Voyage, Influencer exclusive journeys

July: The Haute couture Issue (hard cover, illustration…)

August: The art & design.Talents & underground report

September: Big Fashion Issue, Beauty report

October: Eco / InnovatorNov: Make up special / The Music issue

Nov: Make up special / The Music issue

December: Luxe list 





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